Tuesday, 19 February 2013

More Twite in Flint! - 19th February 2013

This morning, Matt, Ros and I ventured to Flint on the train at dawn to attempt to catch more of the accumulated Twite flock.
It took a while for the flock to come into view as they were further up the marsh towards Chester for the start and eventually we caught the first bird, which happened to be a Goldfinch! This wasn't the target, but it was new for Ros and the first Goldfinch to be ringed with my rings.
After this we managed to catch a single juvenile female Twite, a single adult male Twite and then a 2 bird catch of an adult female and juvenile male Twite.
A really successful morning and Twite are fast becoming one of my favourite birds. They are just superb little things with an enchanting call.

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Alan Rogers said...

Zac, nice to meet Matt, Ros and your good self this morning at Flint Castle. It was a great experience seeing Twite and seeing, up close, the whole process of ringing.