Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another of Chris's Siskins! - 20th January 2013

During revision, I have been writing up practise questions at Matt's house and checking the 30ft mist-net I erect in his garden. It's a nice relaxed for of ringing as the birds are quite sporadic.

The above and below male is actually a control. Not an incredible control of many kilometers, but a bird that was ringed in Matt's garden last year (different to the one he lives in now). This was ringed by Chris Bridge and is the 2nd control of his that I've caught so far. Really nice to see the same birds returning!

It was reasonably windy throughout the morning, so I fear the birds may have seen the net, as we only caught 10 birds, but it was nice and relaxed and what better way to spend your Sunday morning, revising!?

We caught 4 female Blackbird (+1 recapture male), 4 Siskin (inc. 'control') and a single male Chaffinch.

Once the colour-rings arrive, I will do a full blog post about the Bangor Blackbird Project which we are in the process of setting up.

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