Sunday, 3 July 2011

A gaggle and a half of Geese - Llangorse, Powys - 3rd June 2011

Kane, Chris and I made our way south today to the annual Canada Goose round up at Llangorse Lake in Mid/South Wales.
We joined a group of 25 or so people including our good friend Gillian Dinsmore. Canada Geese gather here from all over Britain for their annual wing moult making them flightless. This makes for a very good opportunity to catch as many as possible to ring. The majority of the work was done by a selection of 10 or so kayaks which essentially herding the geese to the area of the lake where the ringing team was gathered with a metal pen. We helped with the final part which was keeping the birds from espcaping back into the water whilst making the short journey into the pen. It was a very impressive sight to behold as we caught c370 Canada Geese. I have only ever ringed 1 Canada Goose before so it was nice to get used to using L rings as well as being able to eperience the sheer power of a big goose trying to wriggle free.

In glorious sunshine, it was a really successful catch. Whilst waiting for the 'herders' to bring the geese round to our side of the lake, my 8th Osprey of the year was seen fishing in the water in front of us for at least 15 minutes catching a couple of decent sized fish. Superb.
I also managed to see my first Ringlet and Marbled White butterfly which was rather nice to see in the car park.
Thanks to Jerry Lewis for coordinating the catch and to Kane for use of his photos and for driving the 400 mile round trip! What a trooper!

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