Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yorkshire bird seen from Lancashire - 19th June 2011

Common Crane
After completing a 16 mile sponsored walk with my dad in York, we decided to pull into Paythorne, East Lancashire to have a look at the Common Crane.
During the walk, I decided to travel light by only taking my Canon 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens. Not exactly the perfect equipment to take photos of a bird!
Arriving on site at c20.00, I noticed a figure standing in the middle of a field from the crossroads. Due to the size of the 'figure' in my periphery, I initially thought it might be a photographer or a farmer but it was in fact the crane! What a huge bird! I have seen this species close up in Zoos and also a distant flock in Spain in 2008, but it was amazing to see the birds size in the wild.
The bird was 30 yards into Yorkshire soil, but it was visible from Lancashire, so counts on my Lancs list...doesn't it?
The above photo is with my dad's 70mm camera, so it is shows off how close the bird was and also how brilliant my photos could have been with my 400mm!

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