Friday, 18 February 2011

The calm before the storm? - 12-18th February 2011

Male Siskin on my feeders.
Last weekend I turned 19, so being a student, you can imagine I spent more time in bed 'recovering' than I did in the field birding. I have however had an exciting time from my kitchen window in the form of a male Siskin. This was part of a group of 4 Siskins visiting my sunflower hearts on Tuesday morning.
I made the trip back to Preston on Tuesday as I was going to watch Doncaster Rovers vs Ipswich Town. Any football fans reading this, and anyone in the know that I am a Doncaster fan will agree that I could probably have chosen a much better game to go and watch losing 6-0 at home!
I had to be back in Bangor by Wednesday evening so I was desperate to get out in Preston on wednesday morning. I made a very brief stop at Preston Docks where the Iceland Gull was showing distantly.

The reason this post is called 'The calm before the storm?' is because I am out ringing this weekend with SCAN and with 3-4 rarities in the country at the moment (Rufous Turtle Dove, Slaty-backed Gull, Northern Harrier and 2 Penduline Tits), there could well be an increase in exciting posting before the end of next week... watch this space!

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