Friday, 31 December 2010

A familiar trill - Preston, Lancashire - 31st December 2010

Whilst washing my dad's car, I heard a trill towards the end of my road. A group of Poplar trees at the end of my road usually hold a group of Starling, so I always check them for Waxwings just incase. This trill was coming from that direction and didnt seem like the 'tit' trill that I have recently been fooled by. I decided to let curiosity get the better of me and low and behold, there were 5 Waxwings. This winter really has been superb for Waxwings and it's still the first half of the winter! I do worry about their food supply as most trees appear to have been stripped from what I have witnessed in Bangor and Preston. The above photo at least shows a decent supply of berries on my road, and as I can view these birds from my bedroom window, I say stick around and get comfy!


ESJ said...

Hi Zac, Thats a better photo than any I got this afternoon (in the dreadful light).
Nice to see you again though (even if I didn't recognise you at first!).
Regards, Steve Jones.

wahab said...

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