Sunday, 7 November 2010

Waxwings - Bangor, Gwynedd - 7th November 2010

Since the Waxwings have been present in Bangor, Kelvin, a ringing friend of Chris', has been keen to ring the flock. Today was the first time that the Waxwings were quite easy to find (I first spotted them from my bedroom window at c12.50). The birds were relocated by the Swimming Pool early afternoon where Kelvin would soon set up a net. I was more than keen to observe this and made my way down
As I arrived, I met up with Chris Bridge, Kane Brides and Craig Brookes. I wasn't aware at this point that Craig was holding a Waxwing in his hand! It turns out that this was the first and only bird that we caught, due to the flock being quite nervous and flighty.
The bird was aged as an adult female as the black bib was diffuse along the edge and the white fringes to the primaries were not quite bold enough to be male. I was allowed to hold the bird on release which certainly has to be a highlight of my birding career
A massive thanks must go out to Kelvin, whom allowed me to be present and to hold the bird, as well as Chris for ringing me to tell me about Kelvins imminent arrival.

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