Monday, 23 August 2010

Ring Billed Gull - Alston Res, Lancashire - 18th-23rd August 2010

adult Ring Billed Gull and Lesser Black Backed Gull
3cy Mediterranean Gull

When I arrived back from Holiday on 18th August, I was surprised to hear about an adult Ring Billed Gull at Alston Res found by Gavin Thomas.
Luckily it had been in the previous two gull roosts so was confident that it would stay around for me to finally get a lifer in 2010!
18th - Gavin Thomas soon pointed out the RBG on the water of No1 at about 19.45 - Superb! also present was a Adult winter Med Gull with primary 10 still showing a little black so presumably is in moult from 2nd summer.
19th - Both birds were again present at the earlier time of 18.15
20th - I only saw the Med Gull this evening, but the weather was hideous, so maybe the bird came in last thing.
21st - I was not present this evening, but Gavin Thomas didn't have the RBG for the 2nd night in a row
22nd - Beautiful sun made a change from the weather I had experienced on the 20th! The Ring Billed Gull was with 7 Lesser Blackbacks on the first scan of the water. It was back! The Med gull was joined this evening by a stunning juv bird.
23rd - Bad weather prompted an early start to the roost at 16.30. At 17.00, the 'adult type' med was present, and by 17.25 I had the Ring Billed sitting on the bank next to the tower. I was mildly annoyed because I wanted to get it in flight as I had not seen it yet. At c17.40, the bird took flight and flew to the far end of the res sitting alone. It disappeared soon after this, much to the disappointment of Frank Bird who arrived shortly after and had been present on the first night it wasnt present (20th) too! Due to my early sighting, several other birders arrived to a Ring Billed Gull-less res. The Juv joined the adult med, and as the light was going and everyone's patience was running out, I spotted the Ring Billed distantly to the left of the tower.

A superb bird to have locally. I hope it stays around long enough for someone with decent camera equipment to see it and hopefully read the metal ring on it's right leg (visable on the photo's that I took on the 23rd)

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Derek Gallagher said...

Thanks for picking the RBG out for us, however long we'd have stayed I don't think I'd of spotted it.