Sunday, 17 January 2010

Marton Mere, Blackpool - 17th january 2010

Although there are no photos from my day out at Marton, I had an extremely productive day.
Paul Ellis and Craig Brookes had a probable American Bittern with a Eurasian Bittern on the evening of the 16th. If this is confirmed, then It would be the 2nd for the site, which is an amazing claim to fame!
I arrived on site at 07.15 and whilst walking to the Fylde Bird Club Hide, I saw a nice Woodcock flying overhead. I got into the FBC hide at 07.20 and the first bird I saw was a Bittern flying high over the site heading West. Flying into the wind, I was able to watch it for at least a minute and was able to confirm that it was a Eurasian. After this I wasn't long before I spotted a Short Eared Owl (year tick) hunting over the island.
I moved along when it started to get a bit lighter and headed towards the western end to see If i could get a Bittern out on the ice. I was quickly rewarded with a chattery song and an excellent view of a Cetti's Warbler.
I didn't have any more Bittern after my first one, so I headed to the causeway where I met up with Chris and Stuart Piner and a host of about 30 birders. I managed 2 Long Eared Owl and 293 Black Tailed Godwit that came onto the ice and roosted. I left the site at 11.30 to do some revision at home.

I ofcourse came back for dusk as an American Bittern is a bird I refuse to miss (I wasn't born for the 1991 that is an excuse!) I arrived back onsite with my parents at 3.30 and went to the causeway to again watch with the assembled birders....Stuart and Chris hadn't left yet, even though they arrived at 7.30. Between 3.30 and 5.00, we had 4 Bittern showing really well (we couldn't conjure up an American Bittern out of them... A flock of Pinkfeet flew over holding a Barnacle Goose. For now, the 21st century remains without a confirmed American Bittern on the British List...

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Doh you beat me by a Barnie and ta bittern..