Thursday, 26 March 2009

Waxwings still about... - Longsands Preston 2009

15 Waxwings - Longsands

Tuesday 24th March
c5Waxwings in Beech Trees next to Longsands Primary at c0850
Later on in the day there were 15 in trees of a garden at the start of The Blossoms in Longsands and remained here till late afternoon (the photo's were taken in Rain nearing dark hense the darkness)
Thursday 26th March
14 Waxwings flew South over Bowlers Close, Longsands at 08.13
lets hope they stay for longer so I can get some decent pictures as these can regularly be seen from my bedroom window!

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Nick Patel said...

Nice one with the (very) local waxies. very jealous.

Just a question. what's the situation with access to Brockholes at the mo. Cheers Nick.