Sunday, 7 October 2007

Spurn, East Yorkshire - 7th October 2007

Above - Yellow Browed Warbler, Crown
The Trip Started off at the Crown & Anchor, where literally as soon as I stepped out of the car, a Yellow Browed Warbler called. This was a new bird for me, as I had unsatisfactory views of one in 2005. There were at least 4 Yellow Browed Warblers in the Car Park, but as with most warblers, quite mobile, so the image above is a poor video grab, but hopefully you can still make out the main features

Above - Blyth's Reed Warbler, Blue Bell Cottage

Next stop was Blue Bell Cottage, where after about 15 minutes, I managed to get my first views of a Blyth's Reed Warbler. At First I didn't make a big deal, because I actually thought it was just a chiffchaff, until a neighbouring birder said 'there it is!'. And then I clicked. Noticable features, were the Banana like stance when mobile, the dark, very short looking wings, long paleish bill, and pale blob in front of the eye, which you can make out as well as the long pale bill on the middle Photo. Another Excellent Tick and best bird of the day for rarity value! You may well be able to make more out on the vid Above - Dark Bellied Brent Geese, Humber

Next Point of call was the Point where a Siberian Stonechat had been frequenting for the last week, Annoyingly I could not locate the bird, but it had been seen in the morning, so It may have just relocated for a while. On the way back from the point we stopped to take a photo of a gropu of 68 Dark Bellied Brent, which was a year tick, and a possible first, I am not sure if you can count Dark bellied as a seperate species to Pale?

Above- Jack Snipe, Canal Scrape

Above - The Crowds at the Barred Warbler Twitch

The penultimate stop of the day was at Canal Zone, where a Barred Warbler had been seen whilst I was at the point. I walked up to the crowd of about 50-60 Birders, and I heard the painful, 'There it goes'. This was a downer for me as it hadn't been seen before this for 30 minutes, so I assumed I would have to wait a while for it to show again. Whilst I waited, there were certainly things to keep me occupied. On the far side of Canal scrape, a Jack Snipe on deck showed pretty distant, but photography was difficult. Next on the day list was a swallow, which played to the crowd right in front of our eyes which was a nice late bird. Now came the real birds! An Adult Ring Ouzel was in a bush next to the area where the Barred was, which was fabulous as this was only the 2nd time ever and also a year tick that I thought I had missed. Next to follow was a strange call coming from overhead. A Snow Bunting! It circled overhead calling for at least 30 seconds which was fab....another year tick. A quiet Spell after this caused me to give up.

But after I had passed the last person twitching the warbler, I heard one say, 'It's very Slow Moving, big and grey isn't it?' At which Point I turned round and quickly put my scope out facing the bushes. It was there! all big and grey! A fantastic Juv, that I have wanted to see for years. My 3rd Lifer of the day.

Migration was a big aspect of the day, with loads of mipits, redwing and chaffinch on the move, which was supprising as the sea was actually calmer than a millpond! Apparently this weekend the wind at spurn has been 0mph!

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